April 13, 2013

"L" is for Lavender

This is Day 12 for the
Blogging from A to Z Challenge
for 2013.

The letter "L" takes us to another item on my Bucket List: Lavender.

Vendors at the Cours Saleya Market in Nice sell an assortment of lavender products, but I wanted to see fields of flowers in full bloom – the lavender fields of the Luberon. And thus began my pursuit of lavender on a return trip to France.

Lavender Products, Nice

When we arrived in Paris, lavender was flowering at the Tuileries Gardens.

Tuileries Gardens, Paris

And there was a small planting of lavender beneath a tree on the grounds of Château de Pierreclos in Burgundy (and lots of bees).

Château de Pierreclos, Burgundy

But when we arrived in Provence, the fields of lavender – the very fields I had crossed the Atlantic to see – had been cut down due to heavy rains. After two years of planning there was no excursion to the Luberon. Disappointment was an understatement. I had to settle for lavender in the shops.

Lavender Shop, Avignon
L'Occitane en Provence, Arles
Lavender and Sunflowers, St. Remy-de-Provence
Joel Durand Lavender Chocolates

But there was a tiny glimmer of hope – lavender may be blooming in the town of St. Remy-de-Provence at St. Paul de Mausole Monastery.

St. Paul de Mausole Monastery, St. Remy-de-Provence

I stood in a field of lavender under a blazing sun, inhaling the fragrance and watching the butterflies while cigales chirped all around me – it was the Provencal experience from my Bucket List at last!

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  1. I love the smell of lavender! I've tried growing it a couple of times and I fail miserably. I think because it wants to be outdoors and I keep trying to make it an indoor plant.

    I can't imagine how wonderful those field of lavender in France must smell! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    1. The smell was amazing. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.


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