May 25, 2015

Italy's Champagne: Franciacorta

If I asked you to name three great sparking wines your first answer would probably be Champagne, which is produced in France. More serious wine aficionados might also mention Cava, which comes from Spain. Italy too has a rising star from the Lombardy region and it's called Franciacorta.

Franciacorta, Italy's Champagne

May 18, 2015

Travel Theme: Hats

I've noticed that some of the flashiest hats are worn by guards of one sort or another. For hundreds of years guards of the British monarchy have worn the iconic bearskin cap made from Canadian black bears. Animal rights activists have called for a change to faux-fur but so far the synthetic versions haven't fared very well in foul weather.

Queen's Guard, Tower of London

May 11, 2015

Isola Bella, the Beautiful Island

On Lake Maggiore in northern Italy there's an island called Isola Bella which translates to English as 'beautiful island'. This island certainly is beautiful but it was actually named after Isabella Borromeo, the wife of the man who created this little piece of paradise.

May 04, 2015

Italian Lakes: Lago Maggiore

Throughout the month of April I was busy participating in the A to Z Challenge. Now I'm returning to my regular posts about my trip to Italy last summer. My last post at the end of March was about two resort towns on the Italian Riviera, Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure. From there we travelled north to Lake Maggiore– not as glamourous as nearby Lake Como where George Clooney owns a villa but lovely all the same.

Lake Maggiore, Italy

May 02, 2015

Travel Theme: Youngsters

I haven't done a travel theme for a while and this one allows me to share photos of sights and activities that appeal to youngsters. No matter what your age, when you're in a strange city it's always nice to see a familiar face like Tweety or a cuddly teddy bear.

Sorrento, Italy