April 16, 2013

"N" is for Nîmes

This is Day 14 for the
Blogging from A to Z Challenge
for 2013.

The letter "N" is for Nîmes. All who share the modern obsession for jeans owe their thanks to this city where denim fabric was created. The English word denim comes from the French "de Nîmes" (from Nîmes).

Located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the south of France, Nîmes is better known for its well preserved ancient Roman buildings, like the Maison Carrée

Maison Carrée, Nîmes

or the Nîmes Arena.

The Arena of Nîmes

The amphitheatre is now used for concerts and bullfights (feria), rather than gladiator contests.

Interior of Nîmes Arena
Feria Poster, Nîmes

Black bulls from the Camargue (in the Rhone River delta) are raised for the feria.

Camargue Bull
Posters for La Barbaude Beer, Nîmes

The city coat of arms displays a crocodile chained to a palm tree, but you won't find any of the reptiles living nearby. The design symbolizes the Roman conquest of Egypt and is taken from coins minted in Nîmes to celebrate the victory of Octavius over Anthony and Cleopatra in 31 BC. Bronze copies of the coat of arms are set into paving stones of the old town.

Coat of Arms of Nîmes - Palm Tree & Crocodile
Nîmes Old Town
The Streets of Nîmes

The Pont du Gard is an aqueduct built by the Romans to bring water to the city of Nîmes.

The Pont du Gard

I wish we could have spent more time in this interesting city. Have you been to Nîmes?

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.



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