April 23, 2013

"T" is for Trompe l'Oeil

This is Day 20 for the
Blogging from A to Z Challenge
for 2013.

The topic for today is trompe l'oeil, which is French for "trick the eye".

Nowhere have I seen more trompe l'oeil murals than in the city of Lyon. It's become a local art form to honour prominent citizens and the city's gastronomic heritage. (There's an interesting article from France Today on the history of the murals of Lyon.)

The following murals were all painted on the same building.

La Fresque des Lyonnais

The Lumière Brothers, Creators of Motion Pictures

Famed Chef Paul Bocuse

Silk Weaver Joseph Marie Jacquard

Elsewhere in France, this van attempts a tight left turn on the narrow streets of Arles.

Van in Arles

And Pablo Picasso stands at a window in Avignon, the city where he painted Desmoiselles d'Avignon, the painting credited with the advent of Cubism.

Pablo Picasso in Avignon

Did I manage to trick anyone with the photo of the van? It was real.

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  1. Nope, it was pretty obvious the van was real. Really cool murals though.

    1. I had to give it a try (just like that van!).

  2. No on the van. :)- those murals are amazing!

  3. Oh, darn. Didn't I fool anybody? I've been looking at too many photos.


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