July 20, 2015

Hidden Gems of Cannaregio

With few tourist attractions, quiet Cannaregio is a neighbourhood of Venice that many travellers never see. Before checking out of the Boscolo Venezia I took some time to explore the canals and narrow alleyways surrounding the hotel to see where real Venetians live.

Water Fountain in Cannaregio

July 13, 2015

Travel Theme: Land Meets Water

Some of the most spectacular locations on earth are found in that ever-shifting zone where land and water meet. And a rugged coastline certainly adds to the drama. When I see this photo of St. Peter Church in Portovenere I can still feel the tour boat heaving beneath me.

Portovenere, Italy

July 06, 2015

Evening in Burano

The most colourful place in the Venetian lagoon must surely be the island of Burano. Known as the fisherman’s island, the simple houses are painted in a rainbow of colours. We came to the island late in the afternoon after most of the crowds had departed and enjoyed a peaceful pre-dinner stroll along the canals.

Burano, the Fisherman's Island