October 29, 2014

Travel Theme: Numbers

Numbers are all around us and they serve many different purposes. Travellers will encounter numbers in different formats, like Roman numerals on a street sign in Pompeii or a foreign language like a French café sign.

Pompeii Street Sign in Roman Numerals

October 27, 2014

Dan Brown's Inferno: More Venice in Photos

While visiting Venice this past summer I saw more of the locations mentioned in Dan Brown's novel Inferno that I hadn't come across on my previous visit. Here are new photos, beginning where Robert Langdon did at Santa Lucia Train Station.

October 18, 2014

Travel Theme: Broken

This week's travel theme is broken and brings to mind photos I've taken in Provence, Monte Carlo and the city of Venice. The first photo is Saint Bénézet Bridge that once spanned the Rhone River at Avignon. It was damaged by heavy flooding in the 17th century and never rebuilt.

Saint Bénézet Bridge, Avignon

October 13, 2014

Travel Theme: Interior

I've seen many different churches, both large and small, during my travels through Europe. Some churches are memorable for their grand exteriors, like Notre Dame in Paris or Westminster Abbey in London. But others have left a lasting impression on me because of a beautiful interior.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

October 06, 2014

Rome's Jewish Ghetto and Pantheon Neighbourhood

While visiting Italy this summer, major restoration projects on the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain altered a planned walking tour, taking us instead through Rome's Jewish Quarter and then on to the ancient Pantheon. 

Theatre of Marcellus