September 02, 2019

Paris: Le Train Bleu

My first journey to the French Riviera was aboard a high-speed TGV train, from Paris in the north to the city of Nice on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The train departed from the Gare de Lyon railway station where I'd hoped to get a glimpse of Le Train Bleu, the station's posh belle époque restaurant. It didn't happen on that trip to France but I added 'dining at Le Train Bleu' to my travel bucket list.

Gare de Lyon, Paris

August 27, 2019

Paris: Atelier des Lumières

I'm a big fan of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. Mere days before my departure to France, I heard about a special exhibition featuring his work and immediately sought tickets for Van Gogh, Starry Night at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris.

Van Gogh, Starry Night, Atelier des Lumières

August 20, 2019

Palace & Park of Versailles

Chateau de Versailles, residence of the French monarchy for one hundred years, was created by Louis XIV, the Sun King. When revolution broke out in 1789, the court departed for the capital. This magnificent palace is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an easy day trip from Paris.

Versailles Palace Gates

July 08, 2019

Paris: Ile de la Cité

A good night's sleep performed miracles and I was ready to begin my second day in France, refreshed and free from jet lag. Our destination this morning was Ile de la Cité, the island in the River Seine where the city of Paris had its origins.

Ile de la Cité, Paris

July 01, 2019

Paris: The Marais

My trip to France last month was a whirlwind of activity. I can't believe how much we saw and did in just two short weeks. Unfortunately, after a few busy days of touring, the entries in my journal dwindled to nothing. But I'm ready now to start documenting the journey while I can still remember the details. First stop: Paris.

Place des Vosges, Paris