April 27, 2015

"W" is for Wishes

Are you superstitious? If so there are plenty of opportunities in Italy to make your dreams come true. The most famous location for making wishes is probably the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Toss a coin in the fountain and you’re guaranteed to return to the Eternal City one day. I know this one works – I’ve been fortunate to return to Rome twice.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Last summer the Trevi Fountain was closed for renovations so we had to seek good fortune elsewhere. Fortunately the Straw Market in Florence has Il Porcellino, the bronze wild boar. Some sources say he’ll ensure your return to Florence; others say he’ll give you good luck. Either scenario is fine with me so my daughter and I each took a turn rubbing his shiny snout.

Il Pocellino, Florence

If you’re more interested in general good luck, then you should head to Villa San Michele on the island of Capri. There’s a granite sphinx on a terrace overlooking the sea – what a fantastic view! If you pat the sphinx’s hind quarters then good luck is sure to come your way.

The Sphinx of Villa San Michele, Capri

And if you’re seeking good luck in love, Italy’s got you covered too. The statue of Juliet in Verona attracts millions of visitors who rub her right breast and ask for her assistance in matters of the heart.

Statue of Juliet, Verona

Have you tried making a wish at any of these locations in Italy? Did it work?


  1. I threw my coins into Trevi in 1969 and haven't made it back but that is purely by choice since there are so many places to visit in the world.

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    1. My visits to Rome have been very brief (a couple of days) so there's always been something new to see each time. Although when you're travelling on a tour you do repeat some of the sights.


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