April 23, 2015

"T" is for Taxi

The taxi is a convenient – but sometimes confusing –method of transportation for travellers in a strange city. In London you can flag down a passing taxi on the street; in Paris you should look for the nearest taxi stand. I don’t even know what Uber is all about. And sometimes your taxi may not be quite what you expected.

I doubt you’ll find anything cuter than the little white convertible taxis on the island of Capri. You can get from the ferry dock in Marina Grande to Capri Town by bus or funicular but I enjoyed arriving in style in one of these convertibles. The cars even have a shade canopy for hot, sunny days. But once you arrive at the top of the hill be prepared to walk the rest of the way to your hotel – much of Capri Town is pedestrian only.

White Convertible Taxi of Capri

Taxi Caravan

There are no cars in Venice (except on the Lido island) so the taxis here are actually boats. Watch your head when you take your seat because the ceilings are low. And if you want to feel like a true Venetian stand up alongside your driver as you cruise along the busy canals.

Water Taxi, Venice

Water Taxi, Venice

Interior of a Water Taxi

Water taxis can be pricey, though. A cheaper alternative is the local version of a bus, the vaporetto. But at 7 euros for a single fare I planned out my travels in advance and purchased a multi-use travel card.

Vaporetto on the Grand Canal, Venice

Have you travelled by any other unique taxis?


  1. I agree, the Capri taxi is cute :) We took a water taxi in Dubai, but it was more of a water bus. And we once had a driver throw out all his passengers in Morocco to take us, as we were going farther for a higher price.


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