April 10, 2015

"I" is for Inferno

I’m a big fan of Dan Brown’s books. His suspenseful novels delve into history and art, taking readers to some of Europe’s greatest cities. His latest bestseller Inferno takes place in the Italian cities of Florence and Venice. I’ve been to both before but after reading Inferno there were more locations in the story that I wanted to see for myself.

Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

The first Inferno site I visited in Florence was the museum of the Palazzo Vecchio. I found the door to the Vasari Corridor, Dante’s Death Mask and the Mappa Mundi globe, just as Brown had described them. Then I went inside the Florence Baptistery and saw the beautiful gold mosaic ceiling that medieval poet Dante gazed upon centuries ago. I’d also hoped to visit the Boboli Gardens but I ran out of time.

Dante's Death Mask, Palazzo Vecchio

Ceiling of the Florence Baptistery

In Venice I enjoyed cruising down the Grand Canal by water taxi as Robert Langdon did when he arrived in the city.  And on Piazza San Marco I found the sculpture of The Tetrarchs on the basilica’s southwest corner. But there was restoration work being done on the basilica; scaffolding covered the balcony overlooking the piazza and the famous Bronze Horses of St. Mark's. There was a long lineup outside the basilica and I'm regretting my decision not to go inside.

Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal, Venice

The Tetrarchs, St. Mark's Basilica

Bronze Horses of St. Mark's Basilica

I’m looking forward to the film version of the book which is due for release in December. Then I’ll finally be able see the Inferno sights I missed – and revisit the others I did see with Professor Langdon himself.

Update: The release of Inferno has been delayed to October 2016.

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  1. I so enjoyed that book. A friend and her husband went back to Venice and Florence just to visit the places he mentioned that they had missed in the past. I put it on my bucket list.

    1. There are suggestions that his next novel may be set in Prague - he was visiting cemeteries and sewers during his vacation there in January. But of course he's keeping the next book a secret. And Prague is on my bucket list.

    2. I only spent two days in Prague about ten years ago. There was a lot of restoration going on and I would love to go back someday.

    3. Everyone who's been to Prague seems to love it.


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