April 14, 2015

"L" is for Lemon

Lemon is one of my favourite flavours. This tangy citrus fruit is thought to have originated somewhere in Asia and was brought by the ancient Romans to southern Italy. Now lemons thrive in the mild climate of Campania and are prepared in many ways: an icy lemon slushy called a granita; tender veal scallops glazed in a delicious lemon sauce; and the classic Italian dessert, a refreshing gelato al limone. The local limoncello liqueur however reminds me a little of cough syrup.

Lemon Granita, Pompeii

Veal in Lemon Sauce, Capri

Limoncello Liqueur, Sorrento

One hot afternoon in Venice we decided to order some lemonade. Our order arrived as a carafe of water, a bowl of ice cubes, and two glasses of freshly squeezed lemon juice. I mixed my beverage and drank it in small sips but my daughter needed sugar in hers. I guess this version of lemonade is an acquired taste.

Lemonade, Venice

By the way, the large fruit seen around the region aren't lemons on steroids they're citrons, or cedri.

Cedri, Capri

And if you can’t get enough of lemons by eating and drinking them, there are plenty of soaps, lotions and candles scented with their fresh, uplifting fragrance. In fact a friend recently gave me a limoncello-scented candle – a much more palatable way to enjoy this lemony liqueur!

Lemon Soaps, Anacapri

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  1. I love lemons. In Spain I had Lemon y azucar crepes, They were my favorite, even better than chocolate. Sadly, I have a daughter allergic to lemon, so we don't cook with it at home.

    1. I've never heard of a lemon crepe. I'll definitely have to try one if I ever get to Spain (another place on my bucket list).

  2. Every morning I have a cup of warm water with a squeeze of lemon for its cleansing effects. I hope it works - but I very rarely catch a cold!

    1. I've prepared that for myself too and it's quite nice. A good source of Vitaminc C too. But on days when I'm working I go straight to the caffeine.

  3. Love lemons. Check out my Limoncello Gelato recipe here: http://msdeniseh553.blogspot.com/2012/09/when-life-gives-you-lemon-make-gelato.html We had lemon chiffon cake with lemon-mascarpone filling for Easter.

    1. Denise you're making me hungry. I'll look for your recipe. Thank you.


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