March 27, 2017

London's Royal Parks

It’s been a mild winter but I’m never sorry to see this cold, dark season come to an end. I’m definitely more of a summer person. Now spring has arrived and I can’t wait until leaves fill out the trees and grass sprouts up everywhere in fresh shades of green. Thursday is Take a Walk in the Park Day so I’ll take a look back at a few of London’s Royal Parks, at their summer best of course.

Hyde Park, One of London's Eight Royal Parks

Hyde Park

Hyde Park:  Bicycle Path

Hyde Park: Solar Shuttle and Pedal Boats

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens:  The Serpentine Lake

Kensington Gardens: The Arch, by Henry Moore

St. Jame's Park

St. Jame's Park: St. Jame's Park Lake

St. James Park:  The Gardens

The Green Park

The Green Park: Gardens in Front of Buckingham Palace

The Green Park:  Canada Gate

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park: Footpath to the Royal Observatory

Greenwich Park: Enjoying the Park on Horseback


  1. Oh, how I would love to see some green. Fresh green. We have snow in the forecast later this week. UGH.


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