April 01, 2017

England from A to Z

April's here and with it, the annual A to Z Challenge. I won’t be taking part officially this year but I love trying to come up with a topic for each letter of the alphabet (especially those difficult letters: x, y and z). I’ll take a break from my regular posts and play along with the challenge by sharing a photo from England each day (except Sundays), starting with "A" for Agapanthus.

Agapanthus (or African Lily), Tregnothan Estate, Cornwall

Are you participating in the 2017 A-Z Challenge?


  1. I am in the challenge for my fifth year. I already have found a ton of new blogs to follow. I like blogs that are short and sweet and think posting just a pic is great. Or lots of pics. Bloggers who write short stories every day are to be commended, but I do not have that much free time. Hope you will share more of your great pictures.

    1. Thanks, Denise. Lots more pictures to come.


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