February 22, 2016

Campo San Barnaba, Venice

It's Oscar time! The 88th Annual Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday night. In keeping with this yearly celebration of excellence in film, my post this week features a small square in Venice with a large presence on the silver screen: Campo San Barnaba.

If you’ve ever seen David Lean’s film, Summertime (1955), you’ll probably recognize the bridge and adjacent shop. I had to watch my step while taking photos so I didn’t tumble into the canal like Katharine Hepburn’s character, Jane, did. (The movie received two Oscar nominations, for Best Director and Best Actress in a Leading Role.)

Campo San Barnaba, Venice

Gondolas on Rio de San Barnaba

Indiana Jones fans may recognize Chiesa di San Barnaba, the church standing in for a library in The Last Crusade (1989). Its bell tower dates from the fourteenth century and is one of the oldest in Venice. The church now hosts exhibitions. (The film won the Oscar for Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing and was nominated for Best Sound and Best Music, Original Score.) Recently there’s been talk of an Indiana Jones 5.

Chiesa di San Barnaba, Venice

Bell Tower of Chiesa di San Barnaba

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit

Casino Royale (2006) didn’t receive any Academy Award nominations (unlike the original version of the James Bond film from 1967, which was nominated for Best Music, Original Song). But you can spot the Grom gelateria on Campo San Barnaba in one of the scenes.

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