June 29, 2015

My Venetian Palazzo

After nine days of travelling through Italy we arrived at our final destination, the legendary city of Venice. I’d been here once before and was deluged by rain so I had high hopes for this visit. Under sunny skies we said farewell to our motor coach and boarded a water taxi. Then we cruised through scenic canals to the grand palazzo that, for the next two nights, would be my home.

Arrival in Venice

Venetian Water Taxi

If you ever come here, try to book a hotel right in Venice. On my previous tour we stayed in a hotel on the mainland in Mestre and trekked back and forth by train. There’s nothing like gliding up to your hotel entrance on a boat.

Arrival at the Hotel Boscolo Venezia

And that’s how we arrived at the luxurious Hotel Boscolo Venezia (formerly the Hotel Dei Dogi). Built in the 16th century by the Patarol family, the palazzo has also served as a monastery and as the embassies of Savoy and France.

Hotel Boscolo Venezia Entrance

Glass Doors

Hotel Bar

The hotel property includes a large garden, which is a rarity in Venice and a lovely place for an al fresco breakfast.

Breakfast Room

Hotel Boscolo Venezia Gardens

From the hotel’s private pier at the far end of the garden I could see the island of Murano across the lagoon. Glassware (like the extravagant chandeliers hanging in the hotel lobby) has been produced on the island for centuries.

The Island of Murano

Hotel Lobby

Murano Glass Chandelier

I’d have to wait for another day to explore the neighbourhood, for our first evening in Venice would be spent dining on another island in the Venetian lagoon, the fisherman’s island of Burano.

Next:  Evening in Burano


  1. Looks wonderful. I bought Murano glassware and had it shipped home when I was there. I remember hearing a rather obnoxious gentleman tell his wife they could buy the same thing at K-Mart at home for a lot less. Poor woman.

  2. We also ended a cruise in Venice, but didn't stay in a hotel there. How wonderful.

    1. The Boscolo was the most luxurious hotel I've stayed in - it was quite a nice treat.


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