February 16, 2015

My Favourite Films for Armchair Travel

I’ve been thinking a lot about movies lately, probably because it’s awards season. And the cold winter weather makes we want to curl up on the couch and escape, preferably to someplace warm. My DVD collection satisfies my wanderlust with sunny scenes from the south of France and intrigue in the shadowy alleyways of Venice. Here are my top picks from the last ten years with links to the movie trailers.

French Riviera

– 2014 –
The Hundred-Foot Journey
Starring: Helen Mirren
Setting: Southern France

- 2013 –
Before Midnight
(Romantic Drama)
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy
Setting:  Greece

– 2012 –
Love is All You Need
(Romantic Comedy)
Starring: Pierce Brosnan
Setting:  Southern Italy

– 2011 –
Midnight in Paris
(Romantic Comedy)
Starring:  Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams
Setting:  Paris

– 2010 –
The Tourist
(Romantic Comedy)
Starring:  Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie
Setting:  Venice
Grand Canal, Venice

– 2009 –
Angels and Demons
(Mystery Thriller)
Starring: Tom Hanks
Setting:  Rome

– 2008 –
Last Chance Harvey
(Romantic Drama)
Starring:  Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson
Setting: London

– 2007 –
Mr. Bean’s Holiday
Starring:  Roland Atkinson
Setting:  France

– 2006 –
The Da Vinci Code
(Mystery Thriller)
Starring:  Tom Hanks
Setting:  Paris, London

– 2005 –
Starring: Heath Ledger
(Historical Romance)
Setting: Venice

– Honourable Mention –
The Bucket List
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson
(2007 Comedy-Drama)

My Bucket List: Ferrari Ride in Monte Carlo

The Bucket List first introduced me to the concept of listing my travel dreams on paper. This film prompted me to have Champagne Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Hotel in London, speed along the Corniche roads of the French Riviera in a Ferrari, and celebrate Festa del Redentore in Venice. And my list of travel dreams keeps growing. Next on my radar is a return to London with side trips to Downton Abbey's Highclere Castle and the scenic region of Cornwall.

Tower Bridge, London

The next time I talk movies I’ll share my favourite classic films of the 1950s and 60s. Enjoy the Oscars on Sunday!

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