June 30, 2014

Postcards from Italy

Next weekend I’m leaving for a two week holiday in Italy with my daughter. This will be her first visit to this beautiful country and I’m so excited to share the experience with her: sampling numerous flavours of gelato; enjoying an evening passeggiatta; and participating in a centuries-old festival. Some of these places we’ll discover for the first time together. Others I’ve visited before.

The Colosseum, Rome

Here are some of the stops on our itinerary:

Isle of Capri
Cinque Terre
Italian Riviera
Italian Lake District

This time I’m taking an iPad with me so I can keep in touch with family back home. Assuming I’ll have adequate WiFi access and battery power, I plan to post regular Postcards from Italy with a photo of the day. Maybe it will be the view from a hotel rooftop in Rome or perhaps an evening sunset over a canal in Venice. Italy has so many wonders to share.

The Grand Canal, Venice

I won’t be doing any other regular posts while I’m away but I’ll have lots to tell you about when I get back. Until then, watch for my daily Postcards from Italy. Ciao!

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