June 16, 2014

Fields in Bloom

Last week I posted about some of the more unusual flowering plants I’ve come across in my travels through Europe. Today I want to share some photos of entire fields in bloom. These photos were taken through the window of a moving bus or train, like this field of rapeseed (or canola) while driving through England in May. The sight reminded me of Sting's song, Fields of Gold. The song is actually about fields of barley but I think the sentiment fits.

Field of Rapeseed, or Canola, in England

A week later I enjoyed fields of bright red poppies while travelling by train through northern Italy. I even spotted some of these hardy flowers flourishing between the rails while stopped at a station. The close shot of the single poppy was taken at the ruins of Pompeii.

Spring Poppies in Italy

In July, sunflowers bloom in southern France. The flower heads face east so their backs are often turned. This field was near the Provençal town of Arles. The closest I could get to a sunflower was on a sidewalk in St. Remy de Provence, where this bouquet cozied up to some lavender.

Sunflowers in Provence

In a few weeks I’ll be travelling to Italy and hope to see more fields in bloom. Poppy season is over now but perhaps I’ll find more sunflowers in Tuscany. And my camera is ready!

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