March 14, 2016

The Market of Campo Santa Margherita

I love visiting markets when I travel, especially food markets. You can learn a lot about the local cuisine by browsing the stalls filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh seafood and beautiful flowers. The squares where markets take place are often a neighbourhood gathering place and this is true for Campo Santa Margherita, the largest square in the Dorsoduro district of Venice.

The sunny display of zucchini blossoms (fiori di zucca) immediately caught my eye. These edible flowers looked just as lovely as the decorative ones sold at a neighbouring stall. The delicate blooms found on baby zucchini are usually served stuffed and fried. I tried some in Florence and they’re delicious.

Campo Santa Margherita is known for its nightlife. The bars and restaurants here are frequented by young people but it was very quiet on a hot summer morning. The square probably comes to life later in the evening, especially in the fall when students return to class at nearby Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Campo Santa Margherita, Venice

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