October 31, 2015

Travel Theme: Frame

Some of my favourite travel photos are ones where I've included a frame within the scene. Architectural features like arches and windows are great for drawing the viewer into the scene (the older and crumblier, the better.) And sometimes nature helps out with a well-placed reflection or a striking piece of vegetation.

Villefranche Bay, France

Portovenere, Italy

Les Baux de Provence, France

Island of Burano, Venice

Isle of Capri, Italy

Visit Wheresmybackpack? to find more photos with frames and next week's travel photo theme.


  1. Hi Faye, I wondered if I should use same image, but I have this idea rejected for some unknown reason, funny having taken the same shot.
    (look here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12228473/Blog/PIC08057.JPG)
    cubus ( cubusregio.com )

    1. Which photo have you also taken?

    2. The photo "Les Baux de Provence, France"
      look here my original : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12228473/Blog/PIC08057.JPG
      but for ailsas challenge I took another of Les Baux --> http://wp.me/p3c0SB-2Il

    3. Yes, it's the same spot! I thought Les Baux was a very charming town.


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