September 28, 2015

Travel Theme: Fruit

I love to take pictures of food when I'm travelling so I shouldn't have been surprised by all the photos of fruit that I've collected. There's something very photogenic about a ripe, red strawberry or a fresh, fragrant lemon.

Strawberries in Tournus, France

Lemons on Isola Bella, Italy

Some varieties of fruit are destined for greater things, like French grapes that are made into wine.

Grapes on the Vine in Burgundy, France

A plum can be the simple ending to a delicious seafood dinner in Venice.

Dessert on the Island of Burano, Venice

And berries are the perfect accompaniment to a silky panacotta or a sweet French crepe.

Panacotta in Venice

Crepe on a French River Cruise

Fruit slices make a colourful garnish for a beverage on a hot summer day on the French Riviera.

Drinks in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France

And sometimes a serving of fruit is almost too beautiful to eat.

Chicken Salad in St. Remy-de-Provence, France

Fruit can also be used to enhance your decor.

Cedri on the Island of Capri, Italy

Juice Stand in Pompeii, Italy

And sometimes fruit gets rather whimsical.

Watermelon Fish in Porto Venere, Italy

Watermelon Bicycle in Florence, Italy

But wherever you travel in Europe in the summer months you're sure to find an abundance of fresh, seasonal fruit.

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