May 18, 2015

Travel Theme: Hats

I've noticed that some of the flashiest hats are worn by guards of one sort or another. For hundreds of years guards of the British monarchy have worn the iconic bearskin cap made from Canadian black bears. Animal rights activists have called for a change to faux-fur but so far the synthetic versions haven't fared very well in foul weather.

Queen's Guard, Tower of London

The Yeomen Warders at the Tower of London wear more modest (and less controversial) hats. I'm sure they're  also more comfortable – these two certainly look happier than the Queen's Guard!

Yeoman Warders, Tower of London

And next to the colourful jacket and breeches worn by a Vatican Swiss Guard one could easily overlook the simple French beret on his head.

Vatican Swiss Guard

The French beret has become a fashion staple.

French Beret

And even the well-dressed Parisian dog sports his own stylish chapeau.

Well-dressed Parisian Dog

Not to be outdone by the French, the wide-brimmed straw hat worn by Venetian gondoliers is also an iconic headpiece.

Venetian Gondolier

I don't wear hats often (in the winter I prefer a hooded jacket) but my summer hat is similar to the gondolier's: a Canadian-made Tilley raffia hat. It offers 50+ UPF (UV protection factor) and has a chin strap for windy conditions. I won't travel without it!

My Tilley Hat in the South of France

Visit Where's my backpack? for more photos of hats and news on next week's travel photo theme.

How about you – are you a fan of hats?


  1. I have quite a collection of hats and used to be known for wearing them. Now that I am retired, I have my baseball cap for gardening and one of those crush-able wide brim hats for just being about outdoors. Nice post.

    1. Thanks, Denise. I think we all tend to simplify things as we get older.

  2. Great presentation! Thanx

  3. Wonderful and fun. I love the hat on the dog. Yes, I am a fan of hats, on myself and on others.

  4. Very neat photo montage to hats. My husband has a wide array of hats, but I'm not much of a hat wearer. I do think that the Vatican Swiss Guard's uniform is the best part of this post!
    Brandy from Brandy's Bustlings Stopping by on the AtoZ Roadtrip

    1. Thank you, Brandy. That Swiss Guard is very appealing!

  5. I love the way you write and share your niche! Very interesting and different! Keep it coming!


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