December 15, 2014

Travel Theme: Freedom

Many people equate the feeling of freedom with travelling the open road, but I’m not a road trip kind of girl. Birds must be the freest of all creatures, not tethered to the earth by gravity. Perhaps that's why the haunting cry of a sea gull always makes me feel free.

Sea Gull in Monaco

To experience flight, humans must board an aircraft. The moment I step into an airport I'm freed from the minutia of daily life. Time stands still, suspended as I move between time zones, until I arrive at my destination. And to really simulate the sensation of flying I'd love to try indoor skydiving in a SkyVenture vertical wind tunnel, the latest addition to my Bucket List.

Flying Somewhere Over Europe

I also get excited about boarding a train, knowing I'll arrive someplace interesting and new. And I'm free to walk around, not confined to my seat if I need to stretch my legs.

Cinque Terre Train

But I can't stop thinking about that sea gull because,  most of all, I prefer an open expanse of shimmering blue water to an endless strip of asphalt. How can a stuffy car compete with the freedom of the open sea? I'd rather travel with a salty breeze and splashing waves while speeding along the coast of the French Riviera by boat.

French Riviera Boat Tour

Racing through the waters of the Venetian lagoon was another thrill I'll always remember: free to stand up and let the wind whip through my hair; no need for a cumbersome life vest; feeling like I'm one of the crew in the movie, The Italian Job, making their getaway from the scene of the crime. The water taxi stopped only long enough for me to capture the fiery sunset before continuing on our way to cruise slowly down the Grand Canal.

The Venetian Lagoon

Sunset in Venice

Cruising the Grand Canal

Whether you're on the road, in the air, or out on the open water, there's something about an endless expanse of sky that says "freedom" to me.

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