October 28, 2013

Europe by Colour: Green

Today's post, the third in a series on my favourite travel photos by colour, features the colour green.

The lush countryside in the Burgundy region of France offers many peaceful scenes like these Charolais cows grazing on the gently rolling hills in the M√Ęconnais.

The M√Ęconnais Countryside

Burgundy is also wine country and these plump grapes were maturing on the vines.

Grapes in Burgundy

Greenery can be found in large cities too, like these neatly clipped shrubs near Kensington Gardens in London.

London Topiary

The Roman Baths gave the English city of Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its name. The bathing complex was established 2,000 years ago and the hot waters are a distinctly greenish hue.

The Roman Baths, Bath

At Stonehenge, another World Heritage Site in England, the only colour in evidence was the surrounding grass of the Salisbury Plain.


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