September 09, 2013


Our visit to Eze Village on the scenic Côte d'Azur came with an unexpected bonus, a medieval festival called MediEZEvales. We'd taken a bus to the hilltop town in the morning, hoping to avoid the worst of the mid-day heat, but there were already signs of the coming attractions. The festival was scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m.

MediEZEvales in Eze Village

Eze Village

Vendors had set up their booths all along Avenue du Jardin Exotique, leading up to Place Centenaire and the city gate. Merchandise ranged from delicate jewelry to bows and arrows.

Behind the town walls, alleyways and squares were festooned in colourful ribbons and lanterns.

Festival Decor in Eze

Snake charmers and other performers were scheduled to entertain at Place de la Taverne near the church.

Eze Church

Place de la Taverne

Festival participants could also be spotted around the village decked out in colourful medieval costumes.

Medieval Costumes

A tent was set up to provide shade for an exhibit of birds of prey.

Birds of Prey

The festival also included a pirate encampment.

Pirate Encampment

If you're on the French Riviera at the end of July, check out the MediEZEvales festival. It looks like fun for the whole family.

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