March 30, 2013

Blogging from A-Z April Challenge

It's almost April, and I'm taking part in the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge. Can I publish a post every day (except Sundays) between April 1st and 30th, beginning with the letter "A" and working through to "Z"?

That's the plan and over 1,500 other bloggers are doing the same.

"A" is for Art: The Thinker

This is my first blog hop. And the posts on Destination: Fiction share favourite images from my travels in Europe, so I'll continue in that vein for the Challenge.

Here's my list of scheduled topics, from A through Z:

April 1 - A is for Art

April 2 - B is for Bridge
April 3 - C is for Chair
April 4 - D is for Dolphin
April 5 - E is for Employment
April 6 - F is for Ferrari

April 8 - G is for Garden

April 9 - H is for Harbour
April 10 - I is for Island
April 11 - J is for Joy
April 12 - K is for Kilogram
April 13 - L is for Lavender

April 15 - M is for Macaron

April 16 - N is for Nîmes
April 17 - O is for Olive
April 18 - P is for Princess
April 19 - Q is for Quay
April 20 - R is for Roman Ruins

April 22 - S is for La Serra Spa

April 23 - T is for Trompe l'Oeil
April 24 - U is for Umbrella
April 25 - V is for Van Gogh
April 26 - W is for Window
April 27 - X is for Aix-en-Provence

April 29 - Y is for Yacht

April 30 - Z is for Zodiac

For 2013, participants have been given the option to code their blog by category. Some of these categories are:

Travel (TR)

Photography (PH)
Culinary (CU)
Gardening (GR)

I hope you'll join us on the blog hop starting Monday! 


  1. Faye I'm so impressed you've already come up with all your alphabet posts! I'll be checking in regularly. Love the theme of your blog :-D
    Deb Mc.

    1. Thank you, Deb! I've never done a blog hop before so I wanted to be sure I had a plan before I jumped in.

  2. Hello!

    I grew up in England and returned to Europe after twenty years. We were in Paris for only two days and missed the majority of its artistic offerings. There's so much that I have yet to see and now I can enjoy a month of vicarious tourism through your blog.

    Can't wait to return home but until then, thank you for sharing these moments with us.

    Tonette dela Luna
    Blog: Textploits of the Writerly Persuasion -

    1. Hi, Tonette:
      How wonderful to live in Europe. That would be my dream. I've only seen a small portion of what it has to offer but I hope to return again.
      Thanks so much for stopping by!


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