February 18, 2013

Lyon - Silk and Gastronomy

Our second day in the city of Lyon begins with an optional excursion (39 Euros) to the city's Silk Museum and a foodie's paradise, Les Halles Paul BocuseThe tour began at 8:30 a.m. with our departure for La Maison des Canut in the Croix Rousse area, where the art and history of silk weaving in Lyon were explained.

The Silk Museum of Lyon

Manual Silk Weaving Loom

Following the demonstration we were able to buy silk scarves, available in a rainbow of colors.

Hand Painted Silk Scarves

Then we continued to the market hall named for famed French chef Paul Bocuse - Les Halles Paul Bocuse. This is where the city's chefs shop for their restaurants. Lyon is considered the capital of French gastronomy.

Les Halles Paul Bocuse, Lyon

Les Halles Paul Bocuse

Les Halles - Frog's Legs

Les Halles - Foie Gras

Les Halles - Escargot

Les Halles - Legs of Ham

Les Halles - Cheese 

Les Halles - Calisson and Coussin de Lyon

Les Halles - Coussin de Lyon

Les Halles - Candied Fruits

Les Halles - Exquisite Cakes

After the many temptations of the food hall we were ready for lunch, which we enjoyed on the sun deck of the Scenery despite the overcast skies. French music played while we dined on grilled meats and salads.

Lunch on the deck of the Avalon Scenery in Lyon

We decided not to take the afternoon excursion to the medieval town of P√©rouges (39 Euros) so we could spend more time exploring Lyon on our own.

River cruise vessels docked in Lyon

Rhone River View, Lyon

Family of Swans on the Rhone River, Lyon

We walked along Quai Bernard for a while and found a large outdoor swimming pool on the riverbank. Then we crossed one of the many bridges to the Presqu'ile area of the city which sits between the Rhone and Saone Rivers.

Pool on the banks of the Rhone River in Lyon

While on the city bus tour the previous day I'd seen the The Flower Tree in Place Antonin Poncet near Place Bellecour, but now I had an opportunity to get close enough to take pictures. The metallic bouquet of 85 flowers was designed by South Korean artist Jeong Hwa Choi for the Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2003.

The Flower Tree in Place Antonin Poncet, Lyon

Carousel in Lyon

We continued on through the shopping district to Place des Terreaux, where we found the Bartholdi Fountain and Hotel de Ville (City Hall).

Bartholdi Fountain in Place des Terreaux, Lyon

Hotel de Ville, Lyon's City Hall

There was one item on my wish list for our visit to Lyon: escargot. Pedestrian-only Rue des Marronniers is lined with restaurants and we settled on Le Comptoir des Marronniers. I had to dust off my high school French to order them, but they were delicious!

Escargot Bourguignon at Le Comptoir des Marronniers

Then we returned to the ship before her departure from Lyon at 6:15 p.m.

Notre-Dame Basilica and Metallic Tower on Fourvière Hill, Lyon

Avalon Scenery

Avalon Scenery double-docked in Lyon

Coat of Arms of the city of Lyon

In the morning we would tour the towns of Tournon and Viviers.

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  1. Wow, love Lyon. Could never live there, because the food is just too good and too rich. : ) But I do love visiting. Fantastic photos! My kids are addicted to escargots Bourguignons. Didn't get it from me...

    1. Thank you! I do prefer the Mediterranean diet. Delicious food and good for you too.


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