November 11, 2012

The Cure for November


It must be the worst month of the year. The landscape is cold, grey, bleak. Trees are bare, the sun fails to shine, and rainfall – or worse, snowfall – is frequent. For Canadians, there's not even a long weekend to break up the monotony. And winter still looms ahead.

The best thing I can say about the month is that it doesn't have thirty-one days.

My sense of wellbeing is closely tied to sunlight. Don't we all feel better on a bright sunny day? During the fall and winter months there's a light therapy lamp on my desk. I switch it on each morning right after my computer and it seems to help.

While I was trudging around the south of France and complaining about the heat, I made a point of storing up the memories for days like these. Now I just need to bring them to life. I haven't finished blogging on my travels yet – I barely got started. So today I worked on a post about our journey into Burgundy. And each post will carry me further south.

I'm also going to create a wall calendar for 2013 using my favourite photos from France. Pictures of intense blue skies, sparkling waters and beautiful flowers – images that will bring back the heat of the sun and the life-affirming light that inspired artists to greatness.

I'm feeling better already!

What's your cure for November?

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